Thinking About

Women looking into the distance thinking about suicide ending her life
Thinking about ending my life

Have you been thinking about suicide? Your thoughts might be about wishing you were dead or you may have considered how you would end your life. You might have been thinking that your family and friends would be better off without you. You may be feeling overwhelmed by circumstances in your life leading to feelings...

Man staring out window drinking coffee
Help when feeling overwhelmed and suicidal

Have you been feeling overwhelmed and thinking about suicide? You may have found yourself wishing that you were dead, or perhaps that your friends and family would be better off if you were. You may have even considered how you would kill yourself. Sometimes thoughts like these can be triggered as a response to feeling...

Women sat in a field recovering from a suicide attempt
Recovering after a suicide attempt

Following a suicide attempt, you may have conflicting feelings about your experience. It may be that you feel ashamed, confused, relieved, disappointed, or angry that you need help. A common experience for people after a suicide attempt is lethargy and physical fatigue. The suicide attempt, reactions from others and the experience in the emergency department...

Women comforting her friend talking about suicide
How to talk about suicide

Talking suicide with someone can be very tough. You may be concerned about what the other person will think and that they may tell you that you are overreacting. You might feel nervous or embarrassed. You might feel that it is easier to keep it to yourself rather than taking the risk of telling someone....

Person accessing professional help on a mobile phone
Get help with professional support

Feeling suicidal can be an overwhelming and painful experience, but it is not something you have to bear alone. You can get help. There is professional support available for anyone affected by suicide. Asking for help is an important step towards getting the support you need. There are a number of services and professionals available...

Man making a suicide safety plan
How to make a suicide safety plan

A suicide safety plan can play a vital role in keeping you safe when you are feeling distressed or thinking about suicide.  Your safety plan will remind you of reasons to live, connecting you with people and services who can help during difficult times, giving you perspective when you are feeling low. Work with a trusted...

Man sat with head in hands thinking about self-harm
What is self-harm

Self-harm is when you deliberately inflict pain, injury or damage to yourself and is often seen as a coping mechanism to deal with intense emotional discomfort. If you have been thinking about hurting yourself or engaging in self-harming behaviour, you are not the only person to have felt this way, or used self-harm as a...