Concerned Or Worried About Someone

Older man with head on hands thinking about suicide warning signs
Recognising suicide warning signs

Someone who is thinking about suicide will usually give some clues also known as suicide warning signs to those around them that show they are troubled. Suicide prevention starts with recognising these warning signs and treating them seriously. The following is a list of signs that people might give when they are feeling distraught and...

Women comforting man thinking about suicide
When someone you know is thinking of suicide

Supporting someone you care about, who is feeling suicidal can represent the beginning of a stressful and upsetting time. Their feelings may come as a shock to you. You may feel as though you don’t want to deal with it or hear any more about it. You might not be sure what to say to...

Man supporting his friend
Supporting someone after a suicide attempt

Discovering that someone you care about has tried to end their life can be a devastating experience. They will need supporting. You may initially experience emotions such as shock and denial. Sometimes, those close to the suicidal person blame themselves for what has happened, thinking, “if only I’d watched them more closely”. The fact that...