Time pressure
at Christmas


Many of us overestimate how much time we have and as result over commit on what we can achieve.

As we grow up the carefree days of the Christmas season seems like a distant memory, as we try to achieve a long list of tasks before the big day. All of this can add up to stress and feeling overwhelmed. To help you get back on track, we’ve compiled some tips to take some of the time pressure off this season.


How to relieve time pressure at Christmas

Be like Santa

Just like Santa Claus, you can keep a list and check it twice. Once you make your list, start prioritising what is most important. Are there things you can remove or simplify? Do you have to make 200 mince pies or can you just make a dozen? Look at what tasks you can combine. Can you purchase most of your gifts at one store? Check out their online store before you go, so you know what is available. To save you more time, order the items online.

Get help

If you can afford to, consider outsourcing some of the activities. Do you have to cook from scratch or can you buy food in the supermarket? Can the store wrap the present you just bought? If you have a family, start delegating some of the tasks on your list. You can try to turn a chore into a fun event by inviting people over to decorate the tree or help out with Christmas baking.

Slow down

Take a moment and breathe in slowly to the count of three and exhale to three. Do this a few times to calm you down. Once your mind is clear, think about how you can prioritise time for you to relax, exercise and sleep. Find time to do something that makes you happy.

Keep things in perspective

Ask yourself: Does it really matter if I don’t get everything done? Reflect on what you cherish the most at this time year and turn down the things that are less important. Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect.


We know that Christmas can be tough. If you need someone to talk to, call on our SuicideLine Victoria counsellors on 1300 651 251.

If it is an emergency, call 000.