Myths about suicide: Women sat in park thinking about suicide
Myths about suicide

To help break the stigma of talking about suicide, SuicideLine Victoria is looking at some of the common suicide myths and facts. We hope this will help you reach out to someone in your life who may be overwhelmed and not coping.

Positive self-talk: Two men walking and talking
Positive self-talk

1 March 2018 saw World Compliment Day grow as a worldwide initiative. Originating in the Netherlands, World Compliment Day was created to be ‘the most positive day in the world’, which also means being positive to yourself! Complimenting yourself using self-talk can help you process your day, your experiences and impact your feelings.

Man struggling to cope at work - take a mental health day
When to take a mental health day

Sometimes we may find ourselves taking our physical health more seriously than our mental health. Here SuicideLine Victoria looks at some signs you may be in need of a mental health day.

Couple in a positive relationship, walking holding hands on the beach
Tips for developing a positive relationship

Healthy happy relationships don’t just happen on their own, they take a lot of work and commitment from both parties. Here are 6 tips to get you started toward a positive relationship.

Women spilling coffee having a bad day
How to cope with a bad day

We all have bad days. No matter what the cause, you have the power to turn it around! Try some of these tips to get your day back on track.

Women up early taking care of her physical and mental health
The link between physical and mental health, plus some ideas to get you moving!

Research suggests there is a link between our physical and mental health, with regular exercise aiding wellbeing through the production of ‘feel good’ chemicals. Read our tips to get moving.

Women comforting a man after a suicide attempt
How do I talk to someone after a suicide attempt?

Discovering someone you care about has attempted to take their life can be a shock. You may find it hard to understand what led up to that point and why you were not able to help. It can be difficult to find the right words when you’re feeling quite emotional yourself. SuicideLine Victoria has some suggestions on how to start the conversation.

Women writing down her new years resolution
Tips to help you make that change

Making a New Year’s resolution this year? Make sure it is realistic, set short-term goals, be accountable for your actions and understand that failure is part of the process. It is never too late to change!

Man contemplating why change is so hard
Why is change so hard?

A new year, a new you… how many times has that been said over the years? Each year, many of us set new goals to change yet fail to make any headway in accomplishing them.

New year's ever party ribbons avoiding FOMO
Avoiding New Year’s Eve FOMO

It feels like everyone is celebrating this party season, but you’re feeling stressed worrying about where to go and who with… maybe you are experiencing FOMO! ‘Fear Of Missing Out’, whilst not a new concept, is a recently coined acronym, largely influenced by social media sharing behaviour… seeing what our friends are up to without us! See how you can avoid FOMO this New Year’s Eve.