Men talking about suicide prevention
World Suicide Prevention Day

In Australia, 2017 saw 3,128 Australians take their own life with another 65,000 people attempting suicide, and hundreds of thousands thinking about suicide. The suicide rate is also more than twice the road toll. Working Together to Prevent Suicide is 2018’s theme for World Suicide Prevention Day, chosen intentionally as it highlights the most essential ingredient for effective global suicide prevention – collaboration.

Depressed man drinking alcohol
Concerned about the effects of alcohol

While many of us like a drink from time to time, for some of us, the effect of alcohol is negatively impacting our day to day lives. Understand how alcohol can effect your wellbeing.

People walking along a busy street
Myths about schizophrenia

It’s Schizophrenia Awareness Week and there are many misunderstandings about schizophrenia; what it is and how it affects people. SuicideLine Victoria is working to reduce the stigma of schizophrenia by looking at the most common myths and comparing them to the facts.

Man sat practicing mindfulness on a beach
What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness in its most basic form is to be fully present, aware of where you are and what you are doing. It is paying attention to the present moment and not reacting or getting overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. Read on and understand how to practice mindfulness.

Friend not coping comforting helping
Friend not coping? Advice on how to help

You’ve noticed your friend isn’t coping and you have reached out. You have asked them how they are going and they have admitted they are struggling and feel overwhelmed. Now you’re wondering what to do next. Read our advice on how you can help a friend that’s not coping.

Benefits of sleep header: Man sleeping next to an alarm clock
Benefits of sleep – why sleep is good for your mental health

We may not think about sleep too much, but we know that it is beneficial in some way. We often feel ‘out of sorts’ after a bad night’s sleep but are ready to take on anything after a good night’s sleep. So what are the benefits of sleep for our mental health and why is sleep so important?

People gardening in their local community for Neighbour Day
Neighbour Day – The power of social interaction and community

Neighbour Day, Australia’s annual celebration of community, is taking place on 25 March. The #NeighbourDay campaign encourages us to connect with people who live in our neighbourhood. It is also a great time to look at the ways participation in social and community events boosts our mental health and wellbeing.

Unhappy women using social media
Why the pressure to be happy can make us unhappy

Our obsession with happiness and positivity is a relatively modern phenomenon. Ironically though, striving to ‘achieve happiness’ could be making us unhappy. Here are 5 reasons why trying to be happy could be making us unhappy.

Myths about suicide: Women sat in park thinking about suicide
Myths about suicide

To help break the stigma of talking about suicide, SuicideLine Victoria is looking at some of the common suicide myths and facts. We hope this will help you reach out to someone in your life who may be overwhelmed and not coping.

Positive self-talk: Two men walking and talking
Positive self-talk

1 March 2018 saw World Compliment Day grow as a worldwide initiative. Originating in the Netherlands, World Compliment Day was created to be ‘the most positive day in the world’, which also means being positive to yourself! Complimenting yourself using self-talk can help you process your day, your experiences and impact your feelings.