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Most popular blogs of 2020


As 2020 comes to a close we take a look back at the most viewed blog topics across the SuicideLine Victoria website. If you are feeling suicidal, worried about someone or have lost someone to suicide, SuicideLine Victoria is here to help 24/7. Don’t let it build up.


Overcoming failure

We never set out to fail, but accepting failure as part of everyday life is important. Let’s take a look at three strategies that can help you overcome failure.



What is depression?

Depression is an intense feeling of sadness that lasts for a long time. Everyone is different, but there are some common symptoms of depression.



What are the symptoms of anxiety and what can cause anxiety

Everyone is different. Anxiety has a combination of emotional and physical symptoms, but this list highlights some of the most common symptoms of anxiety.



Feeling stressed out (and how can I get help)?

You know what stress is. But can stress symptoms make you angry, anxious or depressed? Get tips and advice on stress management and relief, and dealing with the causes of stress.



What can cause depression?

We may all feel sad or in a down mood at some time in our life, but when you have depression, these feelings last for a long time and can be quite intense. There usually isn’t one single event or factor that can cause depression, but rather a combination of several factors. Here we look at six of these factors that can lead to depression.



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