SuicideLine Victoria is a free 24/7 telephone, video and online counselling service offering professional support to people at risk of suicide, people concerned about someone else’s risk of suicide, and people bereaved by suicide.

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Why use phone and online counselling?

With its less confronting approach, many people find phone and online counselling a helpful alternative to face-to-face counselling. Our qualified counsellors specialise in working with suicide-related issues, and will assist you in working through difficult emotions.

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Advice and support for anyone affected by suicide

Read our helpful resources including how to talk about suicide, recognising suicide warning signs and how to support children bereaved by suicide. We also have resources for health professionals looking for information on estimating the risk of suicide and how to complete a risk assessment.

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What to do in an emergency

Read our advice for what you can do if you are with the person at risk, or if the person at risk has called you. If someone’s life is in danger or there is an immediate risk of harm, call emergency services on 000.

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Woman concerned about suicide
Why would someone take their own life?

Suicide is a major public health problem in Australia. 3,128 people took their own lives in 2017. How can you help someone with suicidal thoughts?

Woman comforting man
Five vital steps for when someone close attempted suicide

What do you do when you find out someone close to you has tried to end their life?

Women sitting on step upset

There are many complex reasons behind why someone engages in self-harming behaviour, and it can be a difficult and sensitive topic to talk about. Understand what causes self-harm, the common reasons why people hurt themselves, and alternatives to self-harm.

two people talking about suicide
How do you talk to someone who may be suicidal?

Are you worried about someone who may have suicidal thoughts? Allowing them to talk about how they feel is vitally important. Here’s some advice on how to get the conversation started.


SuicideLine Victoria offers free, professional phone and online counselling to anyone affected by suicide. We're here to listen 24/7 - call 1300 651 251 or visit

Suicide and mental illness: Common risk factors that can lead people to feel suicidal:
If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here to help 24/7. Call 1300 651 251 any time.

“The quickest way to fix this is not to build more beds, but to better resource the community health model.” It’s time for us to look at mental health in a more holistic way to prevent mental health issues from growing even further.

SuicideLine Victoria offers professional, free phone and online counselling 24/7 to anyone affected by suicide. Call 1300 651 251 or visit