Free professional, anonymous support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week across Victoria

About SuicideLine

 SuicideLine is a 24/7 telephone counselling service offering professional support to people at risk of suicide, people concerned about someone else’s risk of suicide, and people bereaved by suicide. 

As the only state-based telephone service in Australia dedicated to suicide prevention, SuicideLine provides vital support for thousands of Victorians each year. 

SuicideLine answers thousands of calls each year from people in Victoria affected by suicide. Around 80% of calls are from people at risk of suicide themselves. SuicideLine ensures these people are kept safe and supported during their time of need. 

SuicideLine is funded by the Victorian Department of Health. 

“I want to pass on my heartfelt thank you to everyone at SuicideLine who has supported me. I feel the best I have in years. I am enjoying my day playing with my grandchildren and cooking, things I haven’t been able to do in a long time.” - SuicideLine caller  

All information gathered during contact with SuicideLine is a Health Record that is recorded and stored securely and may be used for quality and training purposes. For further information, click here.

Client rights and responsiblities can be found here